We bring the store to your door.

Find out what a difference one-hour deliveries can make in your life.

Here’s how it works

Select delivery address

Select where you want your delivery. You can pick your current location or any other address. We take care of your order and both pick and deliver directly from local stores that offer high quality. You can order from 1000’s of groceries as well as from pharmacies.

Select the store

Choose a store you want to shop from or combine purchases from different stores. You have local stores just a click away. Stores include both established grocery stores and pharmacies. All items in the store are available with super-fast deliveries. Shop locally and support your local merchants. Smart!

Pick Products

What do you need? Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Food for the family? There are 1000’s of products to choose from. Thorugh the Vembla app, you have ready-made dishes, fruits and vegetables, dry goods, water, beer and everything you need from established brands. Vembla also offers pharmacy products directly from the pharmacies. You have the full range of products available in a few clicks. Fast deliveries direct to your doorstep on your terms.

A shopper picks your items with care

When you place an order, our educated shoppers pick & pack your order. We review your order and make sure you always get what you ordered at the best quality. If the bananas are out of stock then we can pick a replacement product, such as organic bananas instead. With Vembla’s app, you save time by letting us help you.

Get it to your doorstep

When your order is picked, we take care of your order so you can receive it whenever you to, on your own terms. Our deliveries are environmentally friendly and you can follow the delivery directly on your mobile. Use Vembla so that you have time for all other things in life.

Local deliveries from the stores you love.

Fresh, handpicked groceries and household essentials arrive in as little as 60 minutes.

From the app to your doorstep within 60 minutes!

From the app to your doorstep within 60 minutes!